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Poliça – Live

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Poliça – Live


Wow. Just wow.

I saw Poliça play a few weeks ago, but I’m just getting to write about it now.

I had heard some mixed reviews of Poliça live – and was really interested in seeing them when Hana bought me tickets for my birthday. I’m so glad she did.

It was one of the best shows I’ve seen to date. Not only because they played some great songs, but the musicianship was outstanding. Channy Leaneagh (Vocals) really got into it and cued some awesome samples throughout the set. Chris Bierden (Bass) did some awesome vocals harmonies with Channy and his bass lines were super fun to listen to.

Two Drummers = Awesomeness

Before I go any further I should mention that I’m biased being a drummer, but these two guys blew my mind:

2014-06-11 23.03.45

Drew Christopherson and Ben Ivascu both on Drums was just insanity. It’s different from some of those 80’s/90’s prog-rock bands (eh hem king crimson) that had 2 drummers both playing 2 separate parts at the same time. These guys actually just played half drum parts to create one super drummer!!! I know it sounds funny but it really was outstanding. They solved so many classic drummer problems this way, and one guy could keep a beat down while the other went for tom fills, or cymbal hits. There was also the opportunity for 4 crash symbols at the same time. Not necessary, but still awesome as hell.

For example, one guy was able to play a beat and fills when the other just sat there and played cowbells on “Torre”. A perfect match, and both of them looked like they were having lots of fun:


There were also some epic drums in “Vegas”:


I learned more from watching those guys than I’ve ever learned watching YouTube videos on drumming, even though I’ll admit, I rarely do that. I think at one point Hana poked me and told me I was drooling. I hope they weren’t too freaked out at that guy staring at the glory of the double-drummer/super-dummer magic.

Only thing was was that I wish there were more people in the crowd – it wasn’t empty but I’ve been to way more crowded and energetic shows at the Orange Peel.

All in all, great band, great show. I hope they come back to Asheville!

I don’t remember if they even played this song, but I’ll leave you with two of my favorite songs off of the new album “Shulamith”, “I Need $” and “So Leave”:

(Such a damn good bass line)



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