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Nomading 2016: Days 6 & 7 – Hello Lisbon!

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Nomading 2016: Days 6 & 7 – Hello Lisbon!


The terrible layover was worth it. The Porto airport started bustling and I went to get a shot of espresso and it was €1 – THAT is what I’m used to for some european ‘spro shots. I realized it was gonna be a great leg of the trip as soon as we were leaving Porto and I SAW THE SUN. An actual sun. It was beautiful outside.


Welcome to Lisbon

I took an Uber from the airport to my hostel – HOME Lisbon Hostel. As soon as I got there I got why they called it home, it’s a family owned hostel with a great vibe, and amazing staff. They’re all friends now (Mika, Mamma, Andreas 💚)! After checking in I thought maybe I would explore a little bit. I hit Praça do Comércio, the square:


Mama’s Dinner

As of writing this (I know I’m a few days late), I’ve been to Mama’s dinner every night, and I will do it again tonight. €10 for soup, dinner (with a salad), all you can drink vinho tinto (red wine) or Carvejá (beer), and a dessert with your choice of an after-dinner drink – all by Mama (except for the drinks). It’s a perfect time to meet people from the hostel and socialize, as well as you usually get the pleasure of meeting Mama, who is once of the sweetest people on earth. It really makes you feel like you’re at home (you are)!

After Mama’s dinner I worked a little bit and then went to bed and slept like an angel 👼 – for 10 hours.


Exploring Lisbon

On the second day I came downstairs and decided that was the day to try and see if I could rent the motorcycle. I went to a nearby Scooter/buggy rental place to ask them if there was anywhere to get a “real bike.” They told me about LX Rent so I called them up and they had something within my price range and sounded perfect, so I reserved the bike for 24 hours for the next morning at 10. While working in the KEX common area, I met a super cool Australian just checking in named Amy. We both were interested in doing the long walk to a hip artist place called LX Factory, so we decided to go together. The walk was awesome getting to know Amy – she has a huge love for street art so we spent lots of time going off the main route when we saw some awesome stuff both to and from LX Factory. Here are some pictures:


Here’s a cool panorama I took of an underpass where a bunch of kids were skating: For some reason it looks like shit in WordPress’ gallery:


At the end of the day I asked Amy if she wanted to go on my motorcycle adventure with me. She’d never been on a motorcycle, let alone a long trip, but she was crazy enough to say okay later that night! What a very good idea indeed…


Metrics (Day 6):

  • Miles Walked: 4.1
  • Beers Drank: 2
  • Git Commits: 4

Metrics (Day 7):

  • Miles Walked: 11.3
  • Beers Drank: 2
  • Git Commits: 2


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