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Nomading 2016: Day 4 – Heading Back/Where to Next?

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Nomading 2016: Day 4 – Heading Back/Where to Next?


After an eventful day and a beautiful evening, we were all pretty pooped from the day before, but had to get up early if we wanted to get anything done that day. I had to take Connor back to Reykjavík after seeing a few more things, and Nikki and Max were going to break off with Mawai to see more of the island because they had more time. Also… I was gonna go to Scotland but decided something else might work better.



It was really amazing hanging out with Max, Nikki, and Connor for those few days. I really hope I’ll get to keep in touch with them. Mawai took this awesome picture when she showed up at the Airbnb to get Max and Nikki so they could explore more of the island. Here’s a #squad pic after I made breakfast for everyone: (bacon, scrambled eggs (from our host’s chickens), toast, yum…)


A few more things…

After splitting off with the group, Connor and I decided there were a few more things in the Golden Circle on our route back that we could check out, at least from in the car. We got Connor back right in time. Here are a few pics:

Gullfoss – Iceland’s most famous waterfall.

I went and dropped the car back off at SADcars and walked back to the hostel to get some things in order. I worked a little bit from the main room and then because a rock band was going to play, I went upstairs to go hang out in the common kitchen on my floor. Met a few people and hung out, wrote the other blog post, dealt with iCloud bullshit, etc.


Where to Next?

So. After I realized how expensive Iceland was, and cold, and rainy – I was thinking Scotland (my next planned destination) might be the same thing. So I looked into flights from LGW -> anywhere cheap. I was thinking about going back to Prague, trying for Budapest (flights were too expensive), but then some people recommended Lisbon, Portugal. I looked up the weather and it was the only sunny place over 50º I’ve even had the hope for, so I was like screw it, I’m going. They have cheap food, great beer, amazing wine, and the hostel I’m staying at makes community dinner every night with “mom” – the owner of the hostel. I’m pretty psyched actually, as I’ve never been to Portugal. Only thing was the 11hr layover in Porto. That’s where I’m writing this from now (have you noticed the blog posts are always a day later?).



  • Miles Walked: 5
  • Beers Drank: 1 (got a happy hour beer while getting some work done at KEX… Brío again)
  • Git Commits: 2 (also answered a bunch of emails)
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