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Nomading 2016: Day 0 – Travel

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Nomading 2016: Day 0 – Travel


“Two Days” ago (this is confusing for me writing this post considering I am in some weird timezone worlds right now still) I traveled ~585 miles from AVL to EWR, waited about 9 hours, and then got on a plane to travel another ~2,600 miles from EWR to KEF.

There’s not too much that happened, so I’m not going to go into lots of details, but I did want to keep up with my metrics, and quickly review my plane trip experiences.

AVL -> EWR (Allegiant Air)

This is a big deal to be able to get consistent flights to New York (basically) from Asheville for less than $100. Great flight, great service, etc. And of course the Asheville Airport is just a breeze, especially at 6 in the morning.

My layover was 8 hours tho. But that’s why I have WiFi and a laptop.


EWR -> KEF (WOW Air)

This flight sucked. Nice people on board, but you have to check in in-person at the Kiosk between 1 and 2 hours before your flight. So I had to leave security, check in, and then go BACK through security, which at Newark is annoying. The plane wasn’t comfortable, and we took an extra hour to get moving for some reason they didn’t care to disclose. But then again I got across the pond for less than $150 so it’s a bit of a ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Afterwards, I was tired as hell cause I basically didn’t get to sleep, and couldn’t check into my hostel until 4pm. I got there at 6am. Luckily, they let me hang out and I met someone on the bus ride into town so we did a little bit of exploring and work before parting ways.


  • Miles Walked: 4 (I don’t even know how I did this much but that’s what the Pebble app says)
  • Beers Drank: 1 (I know, this is dumb but at least it was a LaChouffe (picture)
  • Git Commits: 2 – I finished the logic/basic markup for a small sales module we’re building for Wicked Weed Brewing’s site right now to help their distributors get to information about their beers quicker. Been meaning to do this for a while but things get crazy.


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